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Posted on June 16, 2022


Project Desciption

I need intern report? Could u do that

Title: Comparison study of biomaterials fabricated using various methods for dental applications.

Methods : 

1. Powder metallurgy 

Solid state (zirconia)

2.powder metallurgy 

Solid state ( HA)

3. 3d printing 

4. Dip coating zirconia with HA

Need some sample diagrams of real tooth and zirconia and HA

Word limit is 4000 words

Attach in the middle of the report


1. Microstructure 

2. hardness

3. toughness

4. Compressive strength

I need interm report of the project 

1. Anatomy of tooth

2. materials that make tooth

3. What are the important mechanical properties of tooth

4. materials that can be used for tooth replacement 

5. role of zirconia on tooth

6. HA properties

7. Zirconia properties 

8. study on zirconia +HA (independently)

9. why is it important to study various  manufacturing method

Cost, time


1. Zirconia 

2. HA ( hydroxyapatite)

3. zirconia + HA

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